​My name is Matthew Langford and I graduated with a degree in  Chemistry (1st Class with honours) from the University of Wales in 2011. 

In Autumn 2017, I achieved a certificate in Effective Online Tutoring from the University of Oxford. I have a full, clean, enhanced DBS Certificate.

I am a big advocate in the use of technology regarding education and academic support. My research at university was in the use of haptic feedback technology in the aiding of chemical analysis and understanding of potential energy surfaces. I am frequent contributor to the worldwide homework help website socratic.org and I have helped over 2000 students in over 70 countries with Chemistry and science based queries. 

After university and travelling I worked in a busy secondary school science department as a Chemistry technician where I spent large amounts of time working one on one with students and demonstrating experiments in lessons. It was during this time that I decided I wanted to dedicate my time to helping students fulfil their potential by becoming a professional private tutor - hence why I have started Supernova Tuition.


I have fresh recollection of how it feels to be a student and understand the current academic and social demands placed upon students whilst studying.

Central to my methods in tutoring is my belief that the sciences should be rigorous and challenging to study but also enjoyable and not simply 'difficult'. Confidence plays a vital role in the learning process for students and very often private tuition can help bridge the gap between knowledge within a subject and the confidence of applying that knowledge.

I aim to make my sessions as enjoyable as possible whilst ensuring every key concept and theme is completely understood before proceeding to another. 

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin